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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The not so Secret Garden...

Let's start by saying that I'm praying that I do in fact have green thumbs.  If I don't, we've already wasted some money getting this organic garden going.  Some of you might have seen on Facebook this past weekend that Blake and I started seedlings for the organic vegetable garden that we're planting this spring.  I found out as I started researching that some veggies need to be started inside before you can place them in the ground outside.  On Saturday morning off we went, list in hand to buy the seeds that needed a head start.  Here's what we came home with.

While doing research I also found out that your garden cannot truly be organic if you don't plant the seeds in organic soil.  If you put them straight into your ground outside, or into regular potting soil there are chemicals(fertilizers, incesticides, etc.) that are not present in organic soil and in turn they will "grow" into your food. So, with that being said the picture above shows Organic Seed Starter Soil, a variety of organic seeds, and jiffy pots for the seeds to sprout in.  Here's a closer look of what had to be started ahead of time.

We started with large tomatoes for salsa, San Marzano tomatoes for sauce, and sweetie tomatoes for salad and to roast.  Green and red bell peppers and jalepenos, yum yum.  In the herb department we have Genovese Basil, thyme, and flat leaf Italian parsley. 

After filling the Jiffy planter cups 2/3 of the way full with soil you dampen the soil and add 2-3 seeds.  Once the seeds are added you top the planter cups off with more soil and dampen them again. 

Blake topping the seeded cups off with more soil.  Yes, that is our Netti Pot that I used to dampen the soil.  Dont' judge.  What would you suggest using to water mini plants?

After this step we needed to pick a naturally lit location to let the seedlings hang out for a few weeks.  It was hard picking a place that wasn't completely in the way, so they ended up to the side of the chaise side of our sectional next to the windows.  It was also recommended that you keep them covered with thin translucent plastic to let the light through but keep the moisture in.  I didn't get a picture of that, but here they are all done and ready for their move to the window.

Blake used a leftover piece of our kitchen ceiling woodwork to place them on for easy moving but any piece of scrap wood or stiff cardboard would work.

This weekend we'll be staking out the garden and breaking up the soil.  We are building a raised bed so that we can fill it with organic soil and not compromise the veggies in the yard soil that has who knows how many fertilizer/chemicals in it.  When we are past our last freeze and can plant outside we plan on adding the following veggies to the garden list:  Summer squash, zucchini, okra, potatoes, garlic, shallots, carrots, arugula, peas, sage, rosemary, and dill.  I can't wait!  I'll update you as we get closer to planting time.


Xo-Wife of Wright

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